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Our Dry Roofing Services: We help to maintain the general upkeep of your Dry Ridge or Dry Verge roof

What is Dry Roofing?


Dry ridge

The dry ridge system works with the majority of concrete interlocking tiles and slates as well as half round and universal angle ridge tiles. It produces a neat ridge line of traditional appearance and also provides high-level ventilation.

Dry verge

Dry verge suits most concrete interlocking tiles. The neat interlocking Units preserve a ‘stepped’appearance  to the verge.



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Materials & Products

We use the best materials so that we can give you the best results


Why dry fix?

There is no need for mortar or cement unlike the old system, making the job of fixing the ridge fast, easy and clean, as well as making it possible during frosts and other adverse weather conditions.

In addition to this they can be fixed in all weather conditions and are stronger to wind uplift and water penetration than mortar bedded roofs.

Our services

As this system becomes more popular, so do the repairs. So us at B.H. Home Improvements are here to ensure the general upkeep of your Dry Ridge or Dry Verge roof, no matter what the situation!